Monteverdi Vespers

Reviewed by John Pattinson

8th October 2012

Congratulations on Saturday’s performance,- it was superb, and one of which you can be justly proud. It was great to see the choir enjoying themselves so evidently, a sure sign that they were on top of the work and able to give it their all. Particularly thrilling were the final choruses in Parts I & II.

Monteverdi Vespers

Reviewed by Christchurch Press

8th October 2012

“Thrilling Baroque Music" – David Sell

The Jubilate Singers can be relied on to give a performance of interest. But I didn’t expect one as consistently polished and exciting as they gave on this occasion.

The Vespers is the biggest sacred work up to that time. This, and the fact that it is neither renaissance nor baroque, yet both, presents unique challenges.

It is not often I can apply the term “exciting” to a local performance of early music, but this was as gripping as similar music I have heard in the great baroque centres of Italy and Austria.

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Music for a Great Space

Reviewed by Nelson Mail

21st May 2012

[d]irected with upright vigour by Christchurch conductor Grant Hutchinson ... I loved the richness of the harmonising and the clarity of diction, the sustained beauty of tone, the riveting pianissimo resonance from the basses ... a glorious succession of top Cs cascading around us.

Our New CD

Reviewed by The Critic's Chair

20th January 2012

You can hear a 10-minute review, including excerpts, of our new CD on ‘The Critic’s Chair’ (Radio NZ Concert) here.

In his review, Robert Johnson, says:

“These performances do the Jubilate Singers great credit and both the concept of the album and successful completion deserve the highest praise. Despite all the disruptions, the choir has achieved its aim and the resulting album is a tribute to the choir and a fascinating evocation of South Island life through the works of a cross-section of South Island composers.
The album comes with a handsomely-produced 24-page full colour booklet, containing a general programme note, biographies of each of the composers and a concise note on each work, complete texts and a number of photographs. The essay on the project, itself, relates how the rehearsals and recording were severely impacted by the earthquakes that have plagued Christchurch over the past fourteen months. Apart from anything else, the location for the recordings had to be changed half-way through, because the original venue had been too badly damaged in the February quake. All of this testifies to a huge commitment on the part of everyone involved in the project.”

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